Argent Feet English

Mat / Foot-rest

(It’s a medical device CE)


Maximum comfort, maximum hygiene, wherever you are!

The therapeutic properties of silver were known and utilized since thousands of years ago.

Today modern western medicine has recognized that silver is the antimicrobial agent by excellence and is therefore used for its properties in a wide range of products to be used in health care where the fight against infections and fungal infections is a fundamental characteristic.  The silver ions have a powerful bactericide and fungicide action such as to inhibit the growth of many pathogenic fungi spores.  This suggested to us to realize and patent ARGENT FEET, a special personal mat to be used in all those situations in which we require maximum hygiene, by using a fibre which, through the use of nanotechnology,covers a surface of a textile fibre in a stable way.  It is a process that allows the fibre to maintain its traditional textile characteristics  and tactile consistency while being permanently covered by a thin layer of silver.  These properties of the silver textile fibre fabric :  Anti microbial, Anti-bacterial, Anti-acarus, Anti-static, Anti-odour.

It’s a medical device CE