TOP YOU Headrest

TOP  YOU headrest is not a simple headrest but an efficacious help to preserve YOUR PERSONAL HYGIENE when travelling or in a public seating place.  The common headrest covers are made of paper material, cellulose or synthetic fabrics, do not secure our health 100%, because the texture of the material transpires dirt, bacteria and liquids, especially if stressefibre topyoud by the pressure of our heads.  From the magnification of a generic material, shown by way of illustration, we can see that between one fibre and the other (grey) is a blank (black) “responsible” of the permeability.

The structure of TOP YOU is instead characterized by a microfilm of antibacterial polyethylene 100% insulating coupled to a soft layer of cellulose, comfortable and transpirable.

Poggiatesta TopYou


This composition, not contending “vacuum” guarantees complete isolation from  the headrest of the seat and therefore from the dirt and bacteria. Furthermore,  thanks to the ergonomic shape provided by the side flaps, TOP YOU adapts to any type of seat (trains, planes, buses, ships, cinemas, etc). Thanks to TOP YOU, you can rest your head in any seat without being contaminated and if you do not need the side flaps, fold them inside and …  HAVE A NICE TRIP      




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